Casanova Ladyboy Bar is packed with some of the most stunning ladyboys you will see in Nana Plaza and Bangkok. The are all wearing sexy lingerie and sexy heels. Ladyboy Thailand was there of course. All the ladyboys are very happy to talk with you when you pass by. You can drink with them inside Casanova bar, watch all of them dancing on the poles, and if you feel like it, you can barfine them, which means you can take any ladyboy outside the bar if you pay a small fee (600 baht). Drinks are around 150 baht.

Casanova Ladyboy Bar is a medium sized bar, with fancy circle bench seats, very comfortable, with a table in the middle. The ladyboys there won’t put too much pressure on you to buy drinks or anything, so you can sit back an relax, enjoying the show on stage.

Note – prices correct at time of publishing!

Video credits

YouTube channel – Ladyboy Thailand

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