If you HAVE visited Pattaya over the last two decades, you will know the steady price increase over the more recent years. We all know that inflation is to be expected but in the case of the cost of bar fines, lady drinks and other expenses things have almost doubled the past few years.

Are the Pattaya girl price out of control?

Please NOTE – the above statement is by the Vlogger himself. These are not our own views as to say things have all doubled in 10 years is stretching things a bit.

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YouTube channel – Thai Girls Gone Wild

Patreon – https://thaigirlsgonewild.com/patreon


  1. Last time I was in Pattaya the bar fines were 400, ST was 1500, LT was starting price 3000 and Lady Drinks 180 in the Soi Made in Thailand area …… And the girls were asking why foreigners don’t visit anymore

  2. Lady drink prices are stupidly High if was a affordable price i would buy many more.

    I think 1 reason prices has gone up so high from the past was due to Falangs spending habits were huge when got good exchange rates and Men payed more like showing off then the girls expected that.

    Now that Exchange rates are low even hurts more and they still demand it.. So power of the pussy!

    No Money No Honey… girls know if you want it youll pay the higher prices or youll go freelancers and fuglys and or gentleman clubs.


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